10 Cool Gifts Every Engineer Would Love

Whether it's Christmas or an upcoming birthday, gifts are a great way to let others know what you love.

If you have a professional who is your closest and dearest person, or maybe you're lucky enough to work with a professional, you'll want to find a gift that someone cares about and deals with real needs. Ideas? Do not be afraid. Not all engineers specialize in the same field or have the same hobbies, but these 10 cool gifts will make (almost) every engineer as happy as a kid on Christmas morning. And if you often reciprocate, be sure to be nice... Read Gifts For Aerospace Engineers

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One. patent printing press

Why not consider patent printing for your press? From the planetarium in 1909 to the space shuttle patent application in 1977, the prints would look great on any (new) engineer's wall. Starting at just $19.99 and available in a variety of colors and lengths, the finest materials, these beautiful prints will make a great addition for any office worker/professional to learn from.

2. The Tesla T-Shirt

The best person among the most popular historical engineers to write about (well, admit it, you have one too!) is Nikola Tesla. Choose a t-shirt with a cool pattern

3. Multiple hammer tools

It's their worst password that engineers love to take apart and create from scratch. What's better than a 10 in 1 kit for a patient? No further investigation of screw or metal cutting. There's even a bottle opener for the new break!

4. Laser rangefinder

If you are an engineer, you will be sold to 'Laser'. However, while it sounds great, it serves a perfect purpose by eliminating the need for a second person to help with cumbersome tape measurements. It is also a great improvement for distance measurement. This is especially recommended if the worker is in the line of work the measurement is part of the rehearsal process. There are many options for this product, but most 100ft units have simple functions such as addition, subtraction, and area and volume measurement. NewEngineer Handbook - The Ultimate Guide to Professional Performance for Professionals

5. Graphing Calculator

A graphing calculator is a must for most engineers and most available. However, you will get one, so make sure before you buy! There's so much an artist can do with one that it's a great gift if you don't have one. It can also be used for a few hours. Texas Instruments is one of the preferred companies for these instruments. 6. Thames & Kosmos Coding and Robotics Kit

If the engineer you want to parent, choose this product. Because these products help develop children's problem solving and creativity. It will also provide a place for engineers and kids to connect with their crafting design collaborations! This amazing tool lets you create up to 30 coding standards and plans. Comes with a guide to help kids ages 4 and up get started. Then, your strategy depends on its limits!

7. Canakit Raspberry Pl 3 Complete Getting Started

It is a great choice for electronics and programming engineers who want to get involved in DIY projects. This is the kind of animal we know. This powerful credit card computer has almost no limits and requires a bit of ingenuity and creativity. Of course, the Internet can also be very useful. It's not cheap, but you can have a great time.

8. drone

Whether you think it's a tool or a really cool toy, drones make a great gift for professionals as well as all those tech enthusiasts. Features such as live streaming and critical recovery allow users to fly, who can, and access the skies without having to worry about losing their device. Be aware of changes in drone policy. We don't want you to have any problems.

9. The cube

This cube is not only simple but impressive handheld portable device. With its incredible connectivity, users can play all their favorite media from their phone, tablet, laptop or SD card at 50 lumens resolution. It also comes with a mini camera that allows for multiple settings.

10. 3D printer

The work of many engineers includes the design of the machine or its components all kinds of CAD modeling software. 3D printers allow them to bring their designs to life. Manufacturers also know about lost or broken items, which can now be replaced/repaired using a printer. The creative potential is ultimate, but expensive.

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