11 Accessories every Stephen King Fan Will Love

 Readers have been having nightmares with Stephen King's books since the early '70s, and he doesn't see the need to stop anytime soon. The popularity of Stranger Things, strongly influenced by the work of the King, proves that his work endures. With over 50 books published, countless films edited, and posts of the treatise on Twitter, readers are never far from King's other editions. September 21 is the King of Horror's 69th birthday, and to celebrate, you can pick up another book. Alternatively, you can purchase supplies for Stephen King fans. However, be happy.

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He has big fans who make beautiful prints, shirts, and whatever else our readers want from Stephen King. Whether you're looking for a vintage Stand By Me print or a bright light, we've got you covered. Whether you're new to the Dark Tower series or your million pounder, and considering doing a movie remake, there's something here for you. To really celebrate the Dread King, here are 11 items every Stephen King mega fan will love. 1. Fine Print

Because you tell the truth.

Books Are Magic Prints, $13, TheBookWormPrints, Etsy

2. The vintage rise of my advertising

No Stephen King collection is complete without fixing your walls and cabinets!

Vintage poster, $24.07, CinemaStudio, Etsy


Because you can store all Stephen King books in one place. REDRUM bookend, $62.99, KnobCreekMetalArts, Etsy

4. Stephen King Rule Shirt


Stephen King Rule Shirt, $20.00, TShirtBordello, Etsy

5. Pocket Cushions

What better way to cover up with a book than a Stephen King pillow?

Stephen King Pov pillow, $38.00, LisaBonowiczPhotos, Etsy

6. gunslinger khob

Perfect for the next movie season!

Gunslinger Mug, $15.00 JitterMug, Etsy

7. Shiny jacket

When you want to surprise people around you.

Shiny t-shirt, $17.99, SlickerThanSlime, Etsy

8. Missouri Sau

Who knew scary stories could be so beautiful?

Misery Print, $8.00, CartabanCards, Etsy

9. Pennywise Mug

For die-hard fans who aren't a little caffeine-averse.

Pennywise mug, $9.00, BuyAPrint, Etsy

10. Dark Tower Series Necklace

For big Dark Tower fans.

Keyhold pendant, $9.99, wearable collectibles, Etsy

11. Nightmare Tank Top

Because he accepts it. Nightmare tank top, $23.00, WoeAndShucks, Etsy

Photo: JitterMug / Etsy

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