14 Best Puzzle Gifts for Dads

 Is your dad looking for an excuse to pass the puzzle? Whether it's word games, puzzles, crossword puzzles or even three-dimensional puzzles. Your dad is the main person who solves a really confusing puzzle. So why not order a gift puzzle for your dad at the next gift event?

various puzzles for fathers like rubik's cube, crossword puzzles and puzzles. When it comes to giving gifts, from birthdays to Father's Day or even Christmas, Dad can be a real purchase. The mug with the words "Dear EVER Dad" is nice, but Dad needs too many cups.

If you are looking for a nice gift for your father that will challenge him, catch his attention and be reusable, puzzles are the answer!

Puzzle gifts for dad are great and a gift that dad is guaranteed to love.

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You know, Dad's a challenge!

Exciting puzzle gifts for dads

So where can you find a unique puzzle gift for your dad?

Ordinary puzzles never work for a special gift. But don't worry, we've done a time-consuming survey for you and created a list of great puzzles to choose from.

Maybe you should take some of it yourself!

8 best puzzle gifts for dads

Wooden keg for powder in the puzzle

If you are looking for challenging and unique puzzle gifts for dads, this 3D interlocking wooden puzzle - powder set - is a great choice. The beautiful and well-made puzzle comes with its own gift box and even has a 100% lifetime warranty.

These are gift puzzles that Dad will not only challenge, but also attract. It's for fathers loving puzzles who appreciate quality in every way!

Ahyuan handmade wooden puzzles in a barrel for adults and interconnected 3D puzzles for adults Hidden passage works on the classic mechanical concept of puzzles

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In super cool metal puzzles

This puzzle game Hanayama Cast Metal is so much fun. Level 4 difficulty will definitely be a decent challenge for your father who loves puzzles.

This little puzzle fits very little in Dad's pocket, so Dad can enjoy this gift even when he's at work. This gift can be the perfect "fidget spinner" for dads who love puzzles.

CAKE Hanayama Cast Metal Puzzle _ New Design 2017 _ Level 4 Difficulty

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20 wire puzzles

For dads who love puzzles, this great puzzle box would be the perfect gift. This special box contains 20 small wire puzzles, each with its own unique solution. If you are looking for puzzle gifts for dad that will keep him entertained for a few hours, this unique box is a real treasure!

LOOBANI Various puzzles Metal wire IQ puzzle with plastic box Packaging Great educational intelligence toys for adults and students Expands Mind September 1, 20pcs

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In Amazing Labyrinth Cube

To get a unique puzzle, take a look at this unique maze cube. It's one of those puzzle gifts for dad who really loves challenges.

When judging difficulty level 10 (of which 12 is the hardest), this cute pair has a multi-layered maze in which the solver must move the ball. But the hardest part is that you don't see the content.

If your dad has a real puzzle challenge, this dice is a great gift!

SULOD3 Vicious0 Labyrinth Cube Level: 10 of 12

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Lit by Puzzle Syn Gift of Wine

If your dad loves wine as much as his puzzles, this super great puzzle will really make him laugh. Just wrap the puzzle around a nice bottle of wine and give it to Dad as the funniest and most challenging gift.

Dad likes to use his mind to solve the pieces from his puzzle and loves the prize he will receive as a reward when he does!

Fun wine gifts Game with a bottle puzzle for wine lovers Puzzle adult fit with 750 ml

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The unique Da Vinci Code cryptex

Is your father a fan of the film or the book Da Vinci Code? Lots of proponents of puzzles because there are so many fun puzzles in this story. One of the most famous is cryptex and this version of the famous cryptex is a great gift for the father of your life who loves puzzles.

Dad needs to know the password to open this puzzle. Leave it with the default password "ILOVEU" or choose another that is perfect for your dad. It can only be his new favorite toy!

Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex Valentine's Day An interesting creative romantic birthday present for him

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In the Amazing Book of Logic Puzzles

If your dad's fan has logical problems, this may be one of the best puzzle gifts for dad on the list. It is not just a book full of logical problems, but they are all related. This book reads like a novel and follows a group of friends who love murderous mysterious games.

Any riddle that Dad solves will deepen him deeper into the story and give him the pleasure of looking for clues until he solves the case!

Mysteries of Montague Island and other logic puzzles

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For dads addicted to sudoku

Sudoku is annoying and if dad is a fan, he will love this book. Considered the ultimate sudoku challenge, this great book features 1,000 sudoku puzzles in four different difficulty levels.

Even when your dad is new, he loves the opportunity to challenge and hone his skills as he progresses to different levels. Sudoku is so much fun for detail - loving dads who love numbers!

Sudoku Puzzle Book: The Last Sudoku Challenge - 1000 Puzzles (Vol. 1)

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3 best gifts for loving dads puzzles

Terrible puzzle with a pencil

For dads who love puzzles, it is sometimes difficult to find challenging puzzles. But this pencil puzzle is definitely challenging enough for the most difficult puzzle to master. It can even be very complicated!

This is one of the perfect puzzle gifts for dads who want it almost impossible - or have a very good sense of humor. Just don't be surprised if Dad dares you to help him with the puzzle!

Pencil collage with puzzle White Mountain - 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle

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Beautiful antique puzzle with world map

If your dading loving puzzle is also a fan of maps, travel or antiques, you will probably just fall in love with this beautiful 1000-piece puzzle with an antiques world map. This puzzle is really classy, ​​with elegance that will make its construction really fun.

There are so many beautiful details in this puzzle, from the maps themselves to the flags and symbols of the country and much more. Thanks to this puzzle, your dad can dream of a great journey he wants to take. Antique map of the world of Educa with 1000 puzzle pieces

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Cute beer jigsaw puzzle

A great mix of hard and fun - this beer puzzle will appeal to puzzle lovers who love their beer.

White mountain puzzle beer bottle caps - 550 puzzle pieces

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