9 creative and unique gifts for disabled people this Christmas

 So it's Christmas and what are you going to buy? Luxury socks or three t-shirts? How about a sticker that shows love and pride or a dress?

You can find all of this and many creative and special gifts for people with disabilities this Christmas at the Disability Horizons store.

Worksheet Ability Stickers - £2.95 each

Disability Pride Butterfly and Flower Sticker

These stickers are the perfect wrapping material for anyone looking for comfort on their own or loves someone with a bright, colorful, problem-solving face. Writing worksheets are designed to help people with everyday issues such as disabilities, chronic illnesses or mental health issues by promoting equality, inclusion, knowledge and experience and alerting us that we can apply.

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You can stick it anywhere that can make your or someone else's day: laptops, magazines, bags and suitcases, mugs and soda bottles, available chairs, wheels and moving equipment.

There are 13 stickers created with various expressions such as "Pride of the disabled", "Do it yourself", "You are awesome" and "Access is love".

Visit the Disability Horizons store for all Disability Horizons stickers.

Disability Horizons T-shirt - £18.00 each

think no rainbow letter on black t-shirt


After the Disability Horizons t-shirt first released in 2020, it is now also available on the Disability Horizons Shop website and includes seven new designs. This creative and whimsical t-shirt is made to order and comes in a variety of colors and slogans made from 100% organic cotton.

It's the perfect Christmas gift for a friend or loved one who wants to fight and celebrate disability with equality and inclusion or just smile.

Choose from 14 designs in a variety of colors with different expressions such as 'Exclude Injustice', 'Yes, Two Sugar Requests', 'End Ableism' and three new 'Think Nothing' versions.

Discover our range of Disability Horizons t-shirts on the Disability Horizons Shop.

Find out how different types of stickers and t-shirts can help celebrate disability equality and be included in our new lifestyle article. McAnallen Deluxe Sock Orthosis - €28.95

McNallen sock orthosis

This premium gift sock is made from soft hand woven Turkish fabric and hand stitched one by one.

McAnallen's patent-pending technology creates a smooth, hassle-free application that allows you to wear socks in an angled position without bending over.

Whether you use it daily or differently in the morning, it is very easy and convenient to release all the morning stress.

The arm or hand can be divided into several sections on a string. This allows you to customize the orthotic socks to your individual needs. Orthotic socks are thin, flexible and adapt to your busy life. Just put it in your bag or purse and it's perfect.

It's the only sock service in the world with a variety of colors that can be personalized for you and express your personality and home, making it a great Christmas gift.

Buy the McAnallen Premium Sock Brace at Disability Horizons Shop.

Bealies Log Chair Joggers - €65.95

Bealies jogging chair

Finding fancy clothes for people with disabilities can be difficult. This is especially true if you are a wheelchair user or rely on self-catheterization. Bealies Wheelchair Jogger is specially designed for wheelchair users with an easy to wear velcro closure.

The specially designed Bealies offer full protection when seated or on the move, and feature a front zipper opening that allows for easy and clean self-catheterization.

If you're buying a Christmas gift for the disabled, you can tick the 'VAT Exempt' box and get it for £55.

Visit the Disability Horizons store to learn more about the Bealies Chair, Jogging Chair and colors and sizes.

AbleDry Waterproof Wheelchair Cover - €58.79

ableDry waterproof wheelchair cover for power chair

If you know a wheelchair user who loves water, this is a great gift for them. There's nothing more distracting than a wet couch or chair. The AbleDry Waterproof Wheelchair Cover solves this problem.

Keep the recliner in a dry place to dry off during outdoor water work, the pool, or changing positions in the shower or bath. You don't have to sit for long periods of time in wet clothes.

AbleDry has been designed with electric and manual user seats in the chest, in both high-end and low-end models. The flaps can also be used to cover the legs of the wheelchair for added privacy and comfort. A nice addition to the locker and a must if you're going anywhere with a pool.

It also works great with AbleSling Lite or AbleSling for getting in and out of a tub or pool.

AbleDry helps dry and warm, and prevents itchy or itchy skin after a shower and sitting in a wet chair.

If shopping for a disabled person, eligible persons may also qualify for UK VAT exemption with this product. Visit the Disability Horizons store to see the different sizes and colors of the AbleDry Waterproof Recliner. Also check out other AbleMove products created by disabled entrepreneur Josh Wintersgill.

L.able unisex cape - 45,60 €

A woman in a black dress wears a model on a chair holding a chair

Designed and crafted by fashion graduate Holly Yendell, the L.able unisex jersey cape aims to provide design and comfort to chair users.

The L.able jersey cape is designed for a seated position as it hangs low at the waist or does not restrict the upper legs. A unisex shirt that can create a stylish look for both men and women. A sleeve snap closure allows it to be worn over the sleeve for additional activities or as a tight hoodie. The cape has an adjustable drawstring hood to keep you warm and cozy.

The L.able unisex jersey cape is available in a variety of colors and sizes, from small to large. It can also be machine washed.

A great gift for people with disabilities who are looking for a stylish outfit that is both practical and fashionable. Eligible consumers benefit from a VAT exemption.

Head to the Disability Horizons store to see sizes and colors of the L.able unisex jersey cape.

Also check out our recent interview with L.able Designer and Holly Yendell.

Glideboard Replacement Board - €179.94

Blue Glideboard service with turquoise glide table

Especially from Disability Horizons Shop, the new light switch (1.2 kg) has a special design that makes it safer, makes moving around easier and safer, reduces stress, uses more than 30% energy and reduces friction.

The chair itself slides along the board, making it smoother and easier to move when you slide the chair in and out. It can also be easily moved up and down to different positions (like from a wheelchair to a car seat).

Contoured edges and asymmetrical design mean less friction and the 'loop' is designed to fit around the armrest.

The Glideboard is available in a variety of stylish, non-medical color combinations. The seats are available in mint, green and white, and the planks are available in white and blue and are easy to clean.

If you know someone will struggle with transportation and who can benefit from these new tools, fix them this Christmas with a transition now program that's smart and transparent.

The Glideboard costs just £149.95 with reasonable VAT exemption and is only available from the Unlimited store. Purchase Buckingham Glideboard Transport Boards only from the Disability Horizons store.

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Read the Glideboard story in an interview with Buckingham Healthcare CEO Chris Buckingham.

Handicap Christmas Card - from £2.00

turkey dinner christmas card

Hampshire artist Harry Wolfe has announced a new family of disabled Christmas cards as part of a collection of Disabled People's Voice (DPV) greeting cards.

Each card in the collection includes a designer art drawing environment that will put a smile on your loved one's face this Christmas.

There are 7 designs and 7 packages with envelopes to choose from.

The boy and his dog are working in the snow

holding a gift

christmas sweater

decorate the Christmas tree

Santa's Sleigh Disabled Parking

Santa's Stairlift

turkey dinner

We also sell several other handmade Christmas cards made by people with personal disabilities, long-term illnesses or disability-related disabilities. Visit our store to see our full range of Disabled Christmas Cards.

Disability Horizons e-Gift Card - from £5.00

Horizons Disability e-Voucher

If you're not sure what to buy for your friends or loved ones this Christmas, but they benefit from our stylish, practical and practical gifts and accessories, you can treat them as electronic gift certificates from the Horizons Handicap shop.

You can buy £5, £10 or £20 gift cards or a few. You can choose from a variety of models.

Beneficiaries will receive a number to use when selecting, but do not have to use it all at once. The gift card can redeem over 340 different items and is valid for one year. Visit the Disability Horizons store to purchase the e-gift certificate.

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