The Best Big Brother Gifts to Get Him Excited About Meeting Baby

 As you prepare to welcome your second child, you may feel excited and anxious about preparing your eldest son for this important turning point in his life. But with a little care and thought about your brother's gift, you can not only bring your son into a new role, but also help him commit to welcoming his new object that is special and grateful. A way to distract him emotionally? Give her a gift so she knows you'll love her no matter what. (Additional points for showing how fun and exciting it is to have a sibling.) Here, we've rounded up our favorite sibling gift ideas to help him plan to meet his best friend. Image: Courtesy of Lovely

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Your first year as a sibling can be particularly difficult. Make the transition a little easier with the new Big Brother gift mailed every 2-3 months. Your child will be happy to receive a ball for them (and will also be happy to know that all toys are designed to promote brain development and encourage independent play).

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Purchase: Supplies start at $36 per month.

Image: Courtesy Discover

discovery digital camera

Kids love taking photos (as they always want to take selfies with their phone). So why not give them a special camera to keep with their new siblings? This simple digital camera is easy to hold sideways and has very simple control that even the youngest child can do.

Buy at: $36,

Image: Courtesy Put me to the story

You are Marianne Richmond's older brother.

The best gift is to remind him that your love for him will not change even if you add a new member to your family. This cute and personal book will not only convince you that your child will be a playful friend forever as they grow up, but will also teach you all the special ways your child can help you.

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Buy: $25,

Photo by Asweet

Asweets teepee painting

Help your child design and decorate their playground in a fun and colorful way. Traditional wood and canvas tents come with a unique fabric so you can use your imagination to decorate the look. Buy at: $110,

Photo by Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma Biggie and Little T-shirt

These matching shirts are so cute they may inspire a new nickname. Tell your son that it's his job to take care of him as the "biggest" in the family.

Purchase: $19 each; T-shirt:; A:

Image: Courtesy of Plum Blossom

giant plum tree sandbox

One of the best gifts from siblings is a place to have fun and share as you grow. This wooden sandbox comes complete with chairs, lids and plenty of room to expand and create a sandcastle.

Buy: $149,

Photo: Courtesy of MuchLoveGiftsCo

MuchLoveGiftsCo Big Brother Kit

The best way to keep your children happy while sharing the gospel with them is to engage with them. The kit includes games with tips on how you can help, a special image to decorate and post pictures with your new sibling, coloring pages, magnets to display your artwork, and more. Buy: MuchLoveGiftsCo Big Brother Kit, $35,

Photo: Take a look at Manhattan Toys

manhattan toy baby doll stella

Start teaching your child how to take care of your baby by letting him take care of your baby. These soft and cuddly dolls come with magnetic pacifiers, velcro pads and clothes so they can change, carry and be pampered.

Buy: $28,

Photo: Courtesy of Solly Baby

dolly rap stuff

Imitation is the truest form of speech. If you're planning on having a baby, she'll probably want to bring you a doll or doll that she loves as much as you do. With the mini version of Soli Lab, the two have become twins. Advertising

Buy: $35,

Photo: courtesy radio flyer

radio flyer scooter 2 scooter

Give your child a scooter to enjoy walking with him. I love that this version has two settings depending on your child's age and skill level, so you can change them as your child grows.

Buy at: $40,

Photo: Courtesy of the gallery above

above gallery canvas culture paper

One of the best ideas for siblings is a growth chart that can show you their height. He'll be ready to measure his height as he grows and compare it to his brother's.

Buy at: $38,

Image: Courtesy of Storybox

story box

Story time is a great way to improve your relationship with your older brother even after the baby is born. Storybox releases two new books each month to celebrate the love of reading. You can choose 2 hardback books (0-3 years old), 2 picture books (3-6 years old) or 2 books (good for siblings and children), each box contains a card for children to attend the action. In history.

Purchase: The plan starts at $15 per month at

Image: Children's Daily Play

Modern arts and crafts library made by children

If your child likes to be creative, help them express themselves by drawing with our colorful flower arrangements. These systems include over 1000 locations to explore, perfect for keeping your hands out of reach when caring for your baby.

Buy: $40,

Photo by MySnuggleFriends

Meissnuggle Big Friends Toys

The eldest hugged the younger because the cuddly friend made a nice gift for the older brother. These cute toys can hold a variety of animals and include personalized bags that can be stored inside.

Buy: $30,

Photo: Interfere Step 2

Stage 2 2-seater wagon

The older brother will be thrilled to ride this bike and will look forward to his older brother riding with him. Until then, you can take him for a special solo ride on this rugged bike.


Buy at: $106,

Photo: Courtesy of Gromit

Cim Whimsical Quilt Set

If your adult is about to roll out of bed to make room for your baby, make your child's bed special with a fun themed bed. This comforter and pillowcase will make her look like an astrologer when she goes on her dream trip. Buy at: $119,

Photos: view from Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet for kids

Look the truth in the face. When you have a new baby to care for, you may feel a little more empowered at screening. A new Big Brother giveaway, Kids Content can create role-playing games and subscriptions for kids learning to navigate the digital world. Although care time is limited to special times (such as when breastfeeding), it helps establish boundaries and establish special rights.

Buy: $100,

Photo: Courtesy of KidKraft

KidKraft Artist Easel

Create a unique space for your child with a height-adjustable easel that includes a chalkboard, dry-erase board, paper roll, and even a painted cup. They will be happy to create an image that their loved ones will appreciate. Buy at: $80,

Photo: Courtesy of Masonette

what book does the child want?

Read this short and honest guide to preparing your new baby for your baby. If you are planning patient care, it can be especially helpful for you to explain the facts.

Buy at: $13,

Image: Courtesy of BuyBuyBaby

Big Brother Coloring Activity Book and Crayons Set

This coloring book tells your child how to prepare and bring your child home. Book games with lots of fun games, tournaments and to-do lists. It's a great idea to help your brother get involved.

Purchase: $11,

Photo: Courtesy of LittleBeansToyChest

LittleBeansToyChest I Am Big Brother's Silent Book

Perfect for when your baby is sleeping or waiting in the hospital, Quiet Book is a smart way to have fun and engage with your growing child. Big Brother will love playing with the tabs. You can wrap, dress and feed your baby in this fun, portable toy.


Buy: $49,

Image: tickle and serve main

Tickle & Hand Big Brother Gift Set

Your child will feel like a superhero reading this book explaining the important role of being a big brother. She can then wear superhero costumes and masks to zoom around the house whenever needed.

Buy: $23,

Image: Interference Hug + Category

Hug + matching knitted doll

TALK YOUR CHILD ABOUT GIFTS: Not only are these handmade toys fun and rewarding, each doll vendor offers 10 meals to give your child a craving. Available in two sizes: Regular (20") and Small (13"), it's the perfect companion to give Big Brother and his new sister or sibling a big or a little one. Buy: From $60,

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